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White Devil Seeks White Buffalo: Socially Engaged Imagination.

Reconceptualizing the white American self.

WDEvil CoverAn ethnoautobiography that functions as both a critique and an analysis of the white American self and white supremacy, as seen through the lens and experiences of a white man born into America in the 20th century. Coinciding with the personal narrative, transformative social change, indigenous ways of knowing, and the evolution of both the individual and the collective human consciousness are intertwined throughout it. It is both academic and artistic for the heavy emphasis placed on imagination, self-reflection, and other creative means of working to alter our relationship to the land, place, nature, and each other.





Intersections of (-isms): Art, Community and Perspectives on Discrimination and Consciousness in America

Intersections Final Card copy

A socially engaged art event in response to new and ongoing issues that plague our local communities and global society. This exhibition is an opportunity to begin or continue discussions pertaining to social justice and consciousness based on artists’ insights and experiences.

Phoenix, AZ  March 2016