MFA Show

thinker thinker1 thinker2

When the Thinker Realized the Distinction Between Thinking and Being

progress progress1 progress3

A Detailed Model of the Minds Ability to Progress


chakras  chakras6 chakras5

The Misplacement of the Chakras


exterior3exterior4 exterior8 exterior2

Observing the Outside World From Behind a Makeshift Wall

past past3 past4

Giving the Past a Timeout

fork fork2 fork3

The Realization That There Are No Forks In the Road

lochness lochness6 lochness9

The Misuse of Negative Space or the Loch Ness Monster

conscious conscious4 conscious5

Demonstration of the Self Imposed Limitations of Consciousness 

armor armor3 armor5

The Illusion of Armor and Stability

martyr martyr1 martyr5

The Martyr