List of Images

1)      When the Thinker Realized the Distinction Between Thinking and Being

          (pallets. 2008)

2)       A Detailed Model of the Minds Ability to Progress

          (pallets, shutter frames. 2008)

3)       The Misplacement of the Chakras

          (pallets, shutters, rotted 2×6’s from a house in Malibu, CA. 2008)

4)        Observing the Outside World From Behind a Makeshift Wall

           (pallets, shutters, video. 2008)

5)         Giving the Past a Timeout

            (ladder, burnt couch from the sidewalk of Venice Blvd. in Culver City, CA. 2008)

6)         The Realization That There Are No Forks In the Road

             (pallets, fence panels from a renovated house in Long Beach, CA. 2008)

7)         The Misuse of Negative Space or the Loch Ness Monster

            (door, projector, window frame from a garage in Hollywood, CA. 2008)

8)         Demonstration of the Self Imposed Limitations of Consciousness

            (ladders. 2008)

9)         The Illusion of Armor and Stability

            (flat file base, pallets, burnt couch, M 60 ammunition cartons. 2008)

10)         The Martyr

              (wood planters, pallets, tent poles, porch lights from a dumpster in Los Angeles, CA, and microphone. 2008)